Food Diary


Download Food Diary (Word Format) – Click Here

Why keep a food diary?

A food diary is a really useful way to help look for patterns and trends in the way you eat and the types of foods that might be causing you difficulties and symptoms. It is useful information to bring to clinic so that you can discuss with the dietitian.

How long should I keep it for?

There are no golden rules as to how long you should complete the food diary. We usually recommend trying to complete a full week, which will help you to identify patterns or trends.

How do I fill it in?

Food and symptom diaries can sometimes feel confusing to fill in. You don’t have to complete the one here on the website; you can develop your own. Some people use their laptops or phones to input foods as they eat them. You need to record ALL the foods and drinks that you eat including alcohol and the time of the meals/snacks. Also please try to complete the checklist of foods attached to the food dairy and also the questions you have for the doctor/ dietitian section