About Us

Dr Neil Jackson MB. BS. FRCP

  • Neil Jackson is an experienced Consultant Gastroenterologist based in Brighton who has worked for over 20 years helping patients with IBS
  • He has a particular interest and expertise in the role of nutrition in patients with complex gastroenterological conditions.
  • He has a keen interest in supporting patients to manage their medical conditions in a holistic way to allow the patient to retake control of their lives.
  • He works closely with GP’s and other health professionals to ensure best practice for people suffering from IBS.
  • Neil enjoys skiingĀ and cycling and believes that exercise and relaxation are key elements in the management of IBS

Caroline Laidlaw RD, BSc (Hons) Nutrition PG Dip MBDA HPC Registered Dietitian

  • Caroline has been working in clinical dietetic practice for over 20 years in a variety of hospital and community locations.
  • She feels passionately about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for both physical and psychological well-being; and particularly the role of food and bowel health in IBS.
  • Her approach aims to be both realistic and practical using individualised advice for symptom control. She uses a variety of different approaches, including the low fermentable carbohydrate diet or FODMAP.
  • Caroline is a keen cook and enjoys experimenting with different recipes.